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SmartDollar is an online financial wellness solution created by Dave Ramsey. It can help employees get out of debt, stay on a budget and get on their way to saving for retirement.

  • Simplified Approach to Financial Wellness Presented by Known Brand and Followed by Millions.
  • 17 video lessons. Go at your own pace with challenges.
  • Wellness progress reporting capabilities.
  • Provides employer feedback on program utilization and employee statistics. This can be used to demonstrate value of the program for the employer.
  • Include video already on website.
When participants take control of their money, you will see:
  • Higher contribution rates
  • Higher contribution rates
  • Lower loan requests and withdrawals
Our unbiased, multi-channel education and financial wellness programs help employees reduce retirement stress and work to reach their financial goals. It's better for them. It's better for you.

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