Providing You the Tools for Financial Success

Many people find long-term investing a confusing, even scary proposition. We get that. You’ll find our program makes it easy to learn how to create a plan for the future. And with our tools, you’ll be more comfortable taking an active role in preparing for your financial security at retirement.

Even with the best tools to help you manage your retirement savings, you may benefit by having access to professional advice to help you select and manage investments that can help get you to your goal. ABG PS acts completely independently and objectively with no conflicts of interest. We offer an “investment supermarket” that provides institutional pricing on trades, custody and corporate trust services.

Our investment services are personalized for each investor and are updated annually or periodically as needed. We also offer distribution planning, benchmarking reviews, and Social Security Analysis and recommendations made by our National Social Security Advisor-accredited professionals.

ABG Portfolio Strategies offers a great way to simplify your investment portfolio.

We have partnered with Charles Schwab to deliver a low cost, professional advisory solution for our clients. Schwab has more than $1.3 Trillion assets under management and 30 years of experience delivering financial success through advisor partners.

  • Professional investment selection
  • Professional asset allocation
  • Low-cost ETF investment management
  • Online investment advice tool supported by ABG PS
  • Automatic rebalancing
  • Flexible distribution options
  • Online reporting
  • Financial planning services available
  • Automated tax loss harvesting for accounts over $50k
  • $5,000 minimum initial investment
  • All-in-costs below 0.60%
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In addition to the key features of ABG PS Portfolios, the Schwab Institutional Intelligent platform provides each investor with comprehensive and robust technology to manage their account. To explore the platform and get started, please visit Schwab's website. Use Program Code Q282

eMoney Advisor which provides you with your own personal financial website presenting you with a consolidated view of everything you own and owe that is updated daily and has features such as:



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BALANCE financial wellness programs, which includes:

Retirement Distribution Planning

Our analytical software provides individual investors with a comprehensive financial plan that includes the ability to model various probabilities of successful investing during the distribution phase at retirement. This helps ensure you don’t outlive your retirement income and provides investors with peace-of-mind in their golden years.

Benchmarking Reviews

ABG PS provides investors a comprehensive review of current portfolio holdings (including risk/return characteristics) and fees. Our transparent comparison reports help each investor make informed decisions on how best to invest their money.

Social Security Analysis

We provide investors the ability to generate side-by-side Social Security claiming strategies to easily compare different options. Our advanced tools show impact of taxes, earnings, Social Security discount rate and more. By making the best decisions managing your Social Security benefits, investors can effectively extend the longevity of their retirement portfolio.

ABG PS… Helping you reach your retirement destination.